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October 14, 2008



Hello Shanna -

Thanks for referencing the recent State Farm report on teen driving. Wondering what your recommendations would be for mitigating risk with teen drivers, not just in October but year round?

State Farm is always looking to collect suggestions on safer driving experiences. You can find our existing resources here

Thanks -



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I was not able to open your link, but I believe there are a few things that can be done to mitigate risk with teen drivers year round.

First of all, parents need to be aware of the high risk time and behaviors of teens. According to a 2004 California DMV report (, teens driving at night, and teens with other young passengers in the car are two especially high risk driving conditions. In general, teens also tend to partake in more risky behavior such as using drugs and alcohol, in which there are high crash rates when these mix with driving. If parents understand these risks, they can educate their teens; limit or not allow them to drive at night, or have other young passengers in the car.

One suggestion for State Farm may be to partner with schools to offer courses on nighttime driving.



Here's a link to a good follow-up to your post. It's about how to lower insurance costs for teen drivers.


Sorry about the malfunctioning link Shanna. If the link still does not work, simply perform a search for "State Farm, Teen Driver" and you should reach the information I was trying to send.

Thanks for the insight and I will definitely pass along your information. Night driving is a problem for young and old. Addressing the differences and safest practices at a young age is important for safer roads.

Thanks again!


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